Drawing on its expertise in functional lipids, POLARIS has developed its own brands to reflect the high quality of its products and technologies.


Taking Omega-3 to the next level: marine & algae


Our range of high-quality, high-purity Omegavie® marine oils are made in France and include different concentration ratios of EPA & DHA Omega-3.


Our range of Omegavie® DHA algae 100% vegan micro-algae oils, made in France !



Stability & Sensory profile through excellence


Qualitysilver® is a global innovative industrial approach focused on the Omega-3 protection with regards to the oxidative risk and the preservation of organoleptic qualities and physiological efficiency.


Sensory” concept applied to Omegavie® oils: a high organoleptic promise: outstanding organoleptic properties meaning very low taste and flavour impact on the finished product.

Our purity promise in the Omegavie® range


Polaris guarantees high purity of its oils thanks to an advanced purification technology. Our ultra-pure oils contain levels of contaminants that are barely detectable.