Polaris has a variety of technologies that can produce the most comprehensive range of concentrates from natural algae and marine oils:

  • Molecular Distillation technology
  • Supercritical fluid CO2 technology
  • Enzymatic process technology
  • Combination of the above technologies

GREENSILVER® – Molecular Distillation technology

This technology allows to separate polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3) from saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. It is a physical separation process based on the molecular weight of fatty acids. Our tool is unique and has been specially designed for the concentration of Omega-3.

Moreover, this technology deodorizes and decontaminates the oils by short path distillation, under an extremely high vacuum level. 

Among the many advantages we can highlight: 

  • Solvent free
  • Specially designed for heat-sensitive oils without any product damages
  • Continuous process
  • Short residence time
  • Very high vacuum level
  • Physical separation (no change in the nature of the product)

GREENSILVER® – Supercritical fluid CO2 technology (SFE)

The supercritical fluid technology is a method applied to: 

  • Decontaminate marine oils: heavy metals and other contaminants are insoluble in CO2, which allows for an extremely high level of purity to be achieved without the use of chemicals. 
  • Remove volatiles and deodorize oils. 
  • Concentrate in Omega-3
  • Remove polar impurities, colour, free-fatty acids, cholesterol, oxidation products… 

This technology has several advantages. It is a very gentle process, using green-solvent. It operates at low temperatures and the highly sensitive omega-3 fatty acids are always under a protective blanket of CO2, avoiding all possible contact with oxygen and, thus, oxidation. 

The principle of SFE relies on the strong variation of the solvation power of carbon dioxide (CO2)- a green solvent- which occurs by simple variation of the operating conditions (temperature and pressure). It allows a selective extraction of molecules according to their chemical nature. Very weakly polar, CO2 turns out to be an excellent solvent of nonpolar or small polar molecules in supercritical conditions. Once the desired compound is dissolved in supercritical CO2, the pure extract can easily be obtained by simple depressurization. This results in the separation of CO2, which becomes gas again, from the extract, which is recovered in solid or liquid form.

GREENSILVER® – Enzymatic process technology

An elegant and very gentle way to enrich oils in Omega-3 with help of specific food-grade enzymes. 

This process can also be applied for the synthesis of omega-3 rich reconstituted triglyceride product.