Polaris launched the most concentrated Microalgae oil on the market!

We raised the potential of plant-based omega-3 to a new level with Omegavie® DHA 800 Sensory Qualitysilver ® 5 algae – an algae oil that is not only pure, sustainable and vegetarian, but also:

  • One of the highest levels of DHA on the market for all market applications: dietary supplements and functional foods.
  • Providing a better nutritional profile with very low saturated fatty acids (less than 1.5 or 2%).
  • Exceptionally stable thanks to its patented technology: Qualitysilver®.
  • Exceptional organoleptic parameters thanks to the Sensory® concept.
  • Allergen-free, GMO-free
  • No marine footprint

For more information, see the NutritionInsight review: https://www.nutritioninsight.com/news/polaris-touts-microalgae-based-omega-3-oil-as-bypassing-sensory-challenges.html