Polaris ensures a high value sourcing of raw materials for an optimum Omegavie® Qualitysilver® oils quality:

Barracuda Fish

  • Access to the highest quality of food-grade raw materials
  • Adding value to marine-derived by-products
  • Selecting species of fish that are high in essential fatty acids
  • Total traceability: monitoring and controlling the chain
  • Stringent criteria with respect to sourcing and raw materials validation
  • Selecting certified partners (Friend of the Sea®) and members of international organisations (GOED, IFFO…)
  • Eco-friendly policy: sustainable policy & compliance with quotas, etc.


Algae under microscopic view with visible cells. Bright field illumination.

 An expert approach

When it comes to sourcing, Polaris is committed to identifying and assessing the very best raw materials and ingredients to meet market needs, and to innovate in the field of healthcare ingredients.

Our high quality sourcing criteria are evaluated in close collaboration with the R&D, purchasing, quality and production departments with respect to:

  • The method of extraction used (solvent-free) to obtain crude oils
  • Selecting batches:
    Profiles of the most suitable fatty acids
    The lowest oxidation parameters
    Oil purity level
    Stringent criteria for batch quality approval