Polaris strives to offer products that meet the most demanding needs in terms of quality and regulations.

Our clients’ satisfaction as well as compliance with legislation and the regulatory framework that governs our area of business are central to our company’s commitment to quality.




Thanks to a highly effective quality control system, products in the Omegavie® Qualitysilver® range are meticulously tracked and monitored in order to better meet your needs in terms of quality, purity, stability and eco-friendliness.


Managing product quality control

Managing POLARIS product quality control is based on the following pillars:

  • Global production of Omegavie® Qualitysilver® oils with the utmost respect for European standards
  • Sourcing high quality raw materials: stringent validation of materials
  • Refining: cutting-edge refining technology, lipochemistry site
  • Lipochemistry: triglyceride oil grades, ethyl-esters, monoglycerides, etc.
  • Stabilisation: The Qualitysilver® process for stabilising AGPI-rich oils

From selecting raw materials to developing finished ingredients, each and every step is meticulously tracked and monitored.


Internal laboratory

POLARIS carries out internal analyses thanks to the equipment in its analysis laboratory.

Objective lenses of a microscope

The main types of analysis carried out here are:

  • Fatty acid profile > 2 CPG equipment
  • Peroxide values
  • Acid values
  • Anisidine values
  • Colour
  • Measuring unsaponifiables
  • Cold test
  • Rancimat test (measuring oil resistance times: Qualitysilver® stability results)

Polaris is also a member of the inter-comparison network AOCS and applies official analysis methods (Pharma Européenne, Iso/NF).


Quality Control

In addition to its quality control system, POLARIS is committed to:

  • Enforcing strict limits on the quality and purity of oils at each production stage, with the goal of falling below the limits set by regulations
  • Carrying out stability studies on our products to determine optimum life spans for each product
  • Working with independent external laboratories for additional analyses and contaminant analyses
  • Issuing an analysis certificate for each batch of finished product
  • Drafting an annual control plan for contaminants



POLARIS also monitors regulations on:

  • Food safety
  • European claims
  • Contaminants and environmental information