Omegavie® Qualitysilver® products comply with the industry’s standard quality and purity criteria.

The quality of Omegavie® Qualitysilver® oils reflects the certifications Polaris has been awarded over the past few years:



logo FDA

US FDA approved + GRAS approved on algal oil
Registration with the U.S Food and Drug Administration



member of the French union of food supplement manufacturers


logo - IFFO

member of the Fish Oil and Fishmeal Organisation



member of the Global Omega 3 EPA & DHA organisation


logo-Friend of the Sea

Friend of the Sea©
certification of products made from sustainable fishing



sustainable and ethical supply chain certification



EU HACCP equivalent
sanitary approval
(hygiene, food safety)


ISO 9001:2015 certification
International standard – Quality management system


ISO 22000:2005 certification  International standard – Quality management system


IFOS 5 stars certified on Omegavie marine & algal oils





Halal certification


Kosher certification


The reliability and trustworthiness of the POLARIS quality control system as well as its tireless efforts to guarantee the satisfaction of its clients are regularly proven through internal and external audits.