Manufacturing performing and unique sensory profile marine & algae oils is what makes us unique.

We manage our production process  from sourcing through production with unmatched precision that enables us to operate very high standard in a very efficient manner.

Omegavie® marine & algae oils is a full range of natural and concentrated oils made in France in our factory entirely dedicated to lipochemistry.

Our Omegavie® marine & algae oils are clean and fresh and give you the guarantee of high purity, high stability with superior organoleptic performance.

The high quality of Omegavie® marine & algae  oils is guaranteed via:


1. Controlled sourcing of raw materials

All of our raw materials are sourced from food-grade raw materials and are selected according to their high content in Omega-3.

Fish crude oils are sourced in oceanic areas that are free from any industry in order to guarantee optimum oil quality and purity (Peru, Chile, Morocco, etc.).


On algae oils, we guarantee a 100% European sourcing with a high quality algal crude oil to offer unique organoleptique properties to our 100% vegan oil.

2. A unique Sensory Profile

A significant number of consumers cite fishy taste as one of the main reasons they do not consume EPA & DHA oils. We care about organoleptic properties so that consumers enjoy Omega-3 taking without bad smell and taste.

“Sensory®guarantees Omegavie® oils with outstanding organoleptic properties meaning a very low taste & flavor impact on the finished product thus for the end-consumers.


3. Highly performing oils

The QUALITYSILVER® technology developed by POLARIS protects the oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids against the oxidation while increases their stability significantly. The oils’ nutritional and organoleptic qualities are thereby effectively preserved.

The QUALITYSILVER® label guarantees stable oils with a long-lasting effect. Omegavie® oils have a guaranteed shelf life of up to 3 years.


4. High quality, French-made concentrated oils

Equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology in purification and concentration, POLARIS concentrates ultra-pure Omegavie® oils using its high vacuum molecular distillation technology. This technology allows targeted fatty acids (EPA and DHA) to be separated by molecular weight. EPA and DHA concentration ratios of Omega-3 in the Omegavie® range vary from 30% to 80% depending on healthcare application. Omegavie® marine oils are made in France based on the strictest and most highly-controlled of standards.


5. Ultra-pure oils

POLARIS guarantees the purity of its Omegavie® oils thanks to an exclusive purification process. Our cutting-edge purification technology allows any potential residual pollutants to be removed from our oils using gentle, eco-friendly methods.

The result? Ultra-pure Omegavie® oils of exceptional quality that contain barely detectable levels of some contaminants in compliance with the GOED Omega-3 Voluntary monograph and European regulations.