Omegavie DHA 400 Algae Sensory Qualitysilver 5


A vegetarian, highly stable & superior in organoleptic performance algal Omega-3 DHA made in France !
Omegavie® DHA 400 algae Sensory Qualitysilver 5, a pure and exceptionally stable source of DHA coming from micro-algae.

Say "Yes" to Omegavie® DHA algae !

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Omegavie DHA 650 Algae Sensory Qualitysilver 5


Omegavie® DHA 650 algae Sensory Qualitysilver® 5, a concentrated algal oil rich in Omega-3 DHA with an exceptional stability and outstanding organoleptic properties.

Sensory” guarantees Omegavie® oils with outstanding organoleptic properties meaning a very low taste & flavor impact on the finished product thus for the end-consumers

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