Enjoy the « Performing green oil » of the Future !


Omegavie® DHA  algae Sensory oils  range contains 2 algal oils rich in DHA with various concentrations:

  • Omegavie® DHA 400 Algae Sensory Qualitysilver® = naturally rich in DHA with exceptional organoleptic properties
  • Omegavie® DHA 650 Algae Sensory Qualitysilver® = concentrated in DHA with exceptional organoleptic properties

Those oils come from the microalgue Schizochytrium sp,  sustainable, vegetarian and highly stable oils,  made in France !

They benefit from a remarkable “Sensory” profile (taste & smell) with excellent organoleptic properties to enjoy the consumption of Omega-3.

Why choose “Omegavie® DHA algae oils” ?


– High quality oils coming from sustainable micro-algae source, the original source of marine Omega-3

– Non GMO, free from allergens

– 100% vegetarian, suitable for vegans


A pure and natural source of vegetarian Omega-3 DHA: Schizochytrium sp. cultivated in a very strict cultural control

– Natural extraction process : enzymatic process, solvent free

– Our cutting-edge purification technology ensures a high purity of oil, containing hardly detectable contaminants levels


– Guaranteed “Made in Europe“: fermented and extracted in Europe, refined by Polaris, in France

– Cost-effective production process: high quality controlled refining process


Omegavie® DHA algae oils are more than stable and benefits from a unique and dedicated stabilisation process against oxidation:

– Oils rich in DHA coming from algae are very sensitive to oxidation: our published patent application technology protects Omegavie® DHA algae oils against pro-oxidant factors

– Our process applied to Omegavie® DHA algae oils guarantees the steadily level of DHA in the oils and fights against the degradation of the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs)

– Dedicated stability increased: about 4 times more stable than a standard algal DHA*

– Omegavie® DHA algae oils shelf life is optimised

– Nutritional and organoleptic qualities of Omegavie® DHA algae oils are better preserved and assimilited.

* including tocophérols